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What is the best sports eyewear?

What is the best sports eyewear?

The benefits of practising sport or training regularly are pretty obvious nowadays. Sport is a very healthy activity, but not everything goes! It is essential to do the movements in the right way, adapting the intensity, hydrating oneself and using the proper clothes and protections. The latter seems logical but, unfortunately, many people are sloppy about it. Taking care of your eyes is as important as protecting your ankles, knees and head.

But you might be wondering: protecting them from what? It is estimated that one third of the eye injuries occur while doing exercise due to knocks, intense solar radiation, strong wind, polluting agents, pressure changes... For our eyecare, we need to use high-quality protection: sports prescription eyewear, photochromic glasses, polarised lenses, etc. purchased from specialised brands as, for example, Oakley glasses.


Five Oakley glasses specific for each type of sport

Using the appropriate lenses for each sport is essential, not only for protecting our eyes, but to improve our optic capability. And people at Oakley know that. That is why they have created a sports eyewear range with different qualities and hues to help you achieve the maximum performance while practising your favourite sport.


Golf, tennis and paddle tennis

If you are a fan of this type of sports, you need lightweight impact-resistant eyewear adjustable to the shape of your head and compatible with a cap. Besides, for these outdoor activities, your glasses must have UV filters to eliminate reflections and prevent blinding. The g30 Iridium product range by Oakley offers these features and is specifically designed for optimising vision on the whole court. Do not miss a single point!

Matte black Half Jacket 2.0 photochromic sports eyewear. Oakley.


Mountain climbing, skiing and sailing

Sunrays reflected on the snow, water or grass could burn the retina; therefore, if you go climbing, skiing or sailing, you should use sports eyewear with a minimum of 3 UV protection. The use of lenses prevents grit and other foreign bodies from entering our eyes. Do not forget them at home!

A great choice are the vr28 Black Iridium sports glasses by Oakley. They are impact-resistant and have a wrapping mask so as not to lose lateral vision. Besides, it also has ventilation spots to avoid misting.

Blue-coloured Crossrange Shield Prizm sports glasses. Oakley.

Cycling and running

If you like going cycling or running, sports eyewear is a must. The Red Iridium Polarized range is one of the best-valued ones and, indeed, it is manufactured by Oakley. These glasses stand out for their light frame, sweatband, lateral ventilation and polarised lenses, with which blinding will be avoided. Besides, they feature the CristalProtect® technology, which protects the eyes from knocks and shocks.

Polished black Flak 2.0 XL polarised glasses. Oakley.

But if you go cycling and running all year long, it is a good idea to invest in a pair of photochromic glasses (perfect for autumn and winter) and other polarised glasses (for the summertime). Thus, you will be able to choose between depending on the weather and the circumstances of the environment.


Polished white Radar EV Path photochromic glasses. Oakley

And what if you suffer from short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia? No problem. There are a lot of models and possibilities when it comes to choosing prescription glasses: glasses with clip, glasses with customised prescription lenses or progressive lenses.

Polished black Jupiter Squared prescription sports glasses. Oakley.


Prizm technology by Oakley

A special mention goes to Prizm by Oakley lenses, which are exclusively designed and manufactured by the brand. But why are they so astonishing? Because they control the light transition by maximising the contrast and the visibility. Besides, Oakley has created a specific lens for every environment and activity: Prizm Road (road cycling), Prizm Outfield or Infield Baseball (baseball), Prizm Snow (snow sports), Prizm Golf (golf), Prizm Trail (mountain biking) and Prizm Daily Polarized (suitable for many sports and even for everyday use).


Crystal black Daily Polarized sunglasses. Oakley.

It is important to note that glasses with Prizm lenses produce an alteration in the sportsperson’s actual eyesight, meaning that colours, depth of field or contrast differ from reality. Despite the fact that those are some of their best qualities, some people find this effect to be strange (at least in the first place).

If you have already realised how important it is to protect your eyes while doing sport, you surely know what your perfect glasses are. Do not miss another day,visit our web and get 10% discount for your next purchase.