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These are the trendiest glasses for square faces this new season

These are the trendiest glasses for square faces this new season

There is a huge difference between those glasses with which you look good and those glasses with which you feel you are going to take the world by storm! It’s not only about protecting your eyes, but also about choosing a style that complements and enhances your facial features.  

The first thing to take into account when choosing the right sunglasses for you is considering your face’s shape. In previous posts, we talked about the perfect glasses for round-shaped faces, for oval-shaped faces and for heart-shaped faces. And this is the post for square faces. What are their main features? Which are the best fitting glasses for them? Which are the worst?

Five glasses for square faces this new season

Square faces. Their jaw is also squared and of the same length as their forefront. Is that you? If so, go for round and oval frames to find a contrast to your marked features. They will be a winning bet! On the contrary, avoid rectangular and square frames.

Some celebrities with square faces are Olivia Wilde, Henry Cavill, Ed Westwick or Emily Deschanel.

Aviator sunglasses with round lenses

Glasses with an upper volume add a very flattering length to square faces. That’s why the double bridge of these Stella McCartney makes them a perfect choice for you. Besides, these green round lenses with Havana frames are very flattering. Absolutely exotic!

Oval-shaped bio-acetate Havana-coloured Stella McCartney sunglasses.

Cat-eye glasses with a vibrant print

Cat-eye glasses are also perfect for adding that upper volume that fits square faces so well. If we add a print frame, which shifts attention from the face’s shape to the eyes, we have a real match. They are also great for spring/summer!

Cat-eye-shaped Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses with multi-coloured print.

Round coloured lenses

Round sunglasses soften the face angles and balance square faces. From Eyewear Concept, we’d like to propose these Oliver Peoples with thin golden frames and blue-hued round lenses. An absolute trend for this season!

Round-shaped metal-made gold-plated-coloured sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.

Colourful frames

As stated, the best way to soften the features of square faces is by driving attention away from the face’s shape and shifting it to the eyes. A good technique is using colourful frames. If you want to go one step further, you can think about your hair’s colour: if you are blonde, choose green and coral colours.

Transparent green round-shaped sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana.

On the other hand, if you are dark-haired, blue and yellow colours will be better for you. These Versace, with double bridge and a yellow over-frame, are perfect for a square face.  

Yellow round-shaped sunglasses by Versace.

These pieces of advice can be very useful when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. These are little tips based on aesthetic proportions which will help you enhance your features. But, as we always say, don’t feel limited. Everyone is unique and no one else but you knows what suits you best. Whichever your style is, at Eyewear you will surely find it!