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Which will be the trend in sunglasses this 2018?

Which will be the trend in sunglasses this 2018?

Small and narrow, oversized, with coloured transparent lenses, frameless, with metallic frames, rimmed or with geometrical shapes… The 90s-style sunglasses are a trend this year. That's why anything goes!

From now on, sobriety and monotony are banned. Have fun, choose a trendy touch for your outfits and pick the glasses that best go with you every time. This season, you will be having infinite choices, so you will surely hit the target.

Have a look at this post and find your inspiration. Let's start with a review of the tendencies for 2018!

The five sunglasses that you will want to wear this year

1. Metallic glasses and metal-rim combination

Metal is indeed the star in terms of sunglasses for this 2018. But it is not alone. There are many designers who have been swayed by the acetate-covered metallic models.

This season, you will combine your metallic glasses with other tendencies, such as the rounded or the coloured lenses. They are truly versatile!

2. “Microglasses”

The Hadid sisters, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner have become the most renowned supporters of the “microglasses”. No matter they are round or square, the smaller, the greater passions they seem to stir up among Instagram celebrities.

And how to wear them? The trend in social media is placing them right in the middle of the nose bridge. They might not protect you from the sun very much but you will indeed have a flashy look and you will get to be an it girl.

3. Retro cat-eye

Glamorous and dramatic. Is there any other adjective better than these to define the cat-eye? These glasses can make your look bold an exciting.

But this is not all. In spite of being a model that is constantly reinvented, the cat-eye never lose their classic essence: you can match them to a pair of jeans and a white plain T-shirt or to a showy dress. Use them to the limit!



4. Oversized glasses

Big frames are an indispensable complement for every season. This year, we will see them together with other tendencies, such as round, transparent or mirror lenses.

The different styles of oversized glasses need to be highlighted: floral, optical art, cubist… Surely, this is one of the newest and funniest proposals for this season.

5. Glasses with coloured and transparent lenses

Transparent lenses were one of the icons in the 90s. And they are back! Yellow, red, green, blue and purple are the most dominant hues.

Those glasses with yellow, red or green lenses are perfect for retro contrasts. On the contrary, purple and blue lenses show a more futuristic air. Which ones do you choose?


Every trend is a mix and match and every style jumbles with the other to create unique designs that are full of courage and personality.

Either if you already know what your favourite trend is or if you like them all, at Eyewear Concept we have any model, design, colour and shape you can think of. It is not the time to be a conformist. Play and try out!