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What is the Prizm lens technology by Oakley?

What is the Prizm lens technology by Oakley?

This lens technology boosts contrast and adjusts the light depending on the sport and the environment. You will not need to change these glasses when the lighting conditions vary. It might seem fantasy but Oakley has made it a reality.

As if it were a light equalizer, the Prizm lens boosts or dims certain colours depending on the sport you are about to practice and the environment you are in. With this, you will maximise your visual acuity and your performance.

Oakley glasses for each type of sport

Oakley has designed different Prizm lenses which are adapted to each sport activity and to the environment where they are usually practised. Find yours!

Prizm Golf

This lens, which is recommended for playing golf, improves contrast by properly separating the colours reflected on it. Thanks to it, you will have a better depth perception for measuring distance and grass conditions.


Half Jacket 2.0 XL Oalkey Glasses with Prizm Golf lenses. 


Prizm on the road

Prizm Road glasses have a specific lens for road sports. They improve your vision in bright-light situations or in the shadow. It allows detecting changes and dangers on the road surface and therefore shortens the response time. You will notice that the colours of the traffic lights become brighter and the white and yellow lines are more clearly distinguished. They are perfect for road cyclists and asphalt runners.

Racing Jacket Oakley Glasses with Prizm Road lenses.


Prizm for the mountain

Prizm Trail glasses by Oakley are perfect for trail running, hiking and mountain biking. They improve the red and brown hues so you will quickly detect the sand, rocks, roots and the ground's condition changes.

 Radarlock Path Oakley Glasses with Prizm Trail lenses. 


Prizm for the open sea

If you are up for sea water sports, polarized Prizm Deep Water glasses will offer a clearer vision by filtering the blue hues and highlighting the green and red hues. They will be your best ally in the open seas!


 Flak 2.0 XL Oakley Glasses with Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses.

Prizm for fishing

Apart from optimising colours, the Prizm Shallow Water glasses feature a polarized filter that eliminates the light reflection on the water. With these glasses, you will be able to detect fishes at first sight.



Mainlink Oakley Glasses with Prizm Shallow Water Polarized lenses


Prizm for everyday use

Apart from practising sport, with the Prizm Daily range you can use this type of lenses for the everyday use to keep your sight relaxed and in comfort. These lenses separate colours individually and provide a neater and brighter vision.



Frogskins Oakley Glasses with Prizm Daily Polarized lenses.

Elite athletes choose Prizm by Oakley

Many renowned athletes have chosen Oakley's Prizm technology for increasing their performance and reducing their eye strain. Among them we can find British cyclist with over 130 professional wins, Marc Cavendish; American skier with the most wins in the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup history, Lindsey Vonn; Swiss mountain biker winner of 16 medals in the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and 7 medals in the European Championship, Nino Schurter, or Spanish golfer winner of three PGA European Tour tournaments, Rafa Cabrera-Bello


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