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The most “it” glasses for round-shaped faces this season

The most “it” glasses for round-shaped faces this season

Finding your own glasses style depends on the frame colour, your skin tone, your hairstyle, the size of the glasses and, of course, the shape of your face!

As spring has come and we know you are looking for new glasses, in Eyewear Concept we want you to skip the tiresome process of trying three million frames on. That’s why, for the last couple of weeks, we have been analysing which model of glasses works better with each shape of face. In former articles we have talked about the perfect glasses for oval-shaped faces and now it’s time for round-shaped faces.

On this post we will not only give you the keys for finding the glasses model that best fits your features but we will also propose ideas inspired in the new collection of top brands. What else could you ask for?

Which are the perfect glasses for my round-shaped face?

If your face is approximately as width as it is long, you are very likely to have a round-shaped face. To slenderize and elongate your face shape, all the fashion experts agree that the rectangular and squared glasses are the right ones. On the other hand, you should avoid the small and round frames.

Oversized glasses

Oversized glasses are perfect for round-shaped faces, and if you are not so sure, look at these Gucci! Oversized, squared, in tortoiseshell tones… This model has everything needed to become your favorite, my dear round-shaped face. Also, due to the production technique used, every model of these glasses has a unique look.

Rectangular / squared-shaped Gucci sunglasses.

Rectangular or squared glasses

Perhaps you think that rectangular and squared glasses are boring but nothing could be further from the truth. These are the most popular frames, therefore, you have a wide range of choices.

We propose these striking oversized Face à Face with square lenses in a gradient of brown tones (super trendy for this Spring/Summer season). Aren’t they absolutely elegant and original?

Rectangular-shaped black-coloured “BOCCA LOVA 1” Face à Face sunglasses.


Cat-eye glasses

The cat-eye glasses, trendy as they are this season, also help elongating the face. Furthermore, if you add an original design to the upper part, as in this Fendi, you get to draw attention to that area.


Cat-eye metal-made golden-coloured Fendi sunglasses.


Geometric glasses

Glasses with sharp angles, like these Fendi with the peculiar octagonal shape, which accentuate the facial features and look really good in round-shaped faces. It is also a very versatile model because of the black and metal tones and slim frame. You’ll be willing to always wear these!


Octogonal-shaped, metallic, black-coloured Fendi sunglasses.


Besides, glasses with shafts that merge in the upper half of the frame add length. These oversized “DiorStellaire4” with hexagonal shape and an elegant double crossed bridge are a good example of this, with a bold and sophisticated look.


Hexagonal-shaped, metal “DIOR STELLAIRE4” sunglasses


Octagonal-shaped, Havana-coloured “CHANCE 2” Face à Face sunglasses.

As you can see, if you have a round-shaped face you don’t have to worry about anything when buying glasses. At Eyewear Concept you can find plenty of styles that will perfectly fit your facial features. Take a look, we are sure you will love them!