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The Gigi Hadid’s sunglasses that you wished you had

The Gigi Hadid’s sunglasses that you wished you had

Gigi Hadid, famous model and influencer, has become a true example within the fashion world because of her bold and ground-breaking style.

In fact, she really stands out for being the queen when it comes to matching glasses and clothes and coming up with memorable outfits. No wonder sunglasses are her favourite accessory because Hadid owns hundreds of different models, which she shows on Instagram every day.

Besides, she has the strange ability of bringing back fashion styles that had already been forgotten or dismissed. This is indeed an art only performed by a sunglasses fashion lover.


The best five Gigi Hadid’s sunglasses

In all of her looks, Hadid features high-quality sunglasses that make the difference between an unforgettable outfit and an average one. Do not miss the keys to her style!

“Feline” glasses

A pair of cat-eye shaped sunglasses with a flashy frame turn a basic look into a bold outfit. It is the case of these red-framed Moschino sunglasses with metallic frills on the front. This is indeed one of the strongest trends for this season. And, as an example, the invasion in social media: apart from Gigi Hadid, influencers as Kendall Jenner or Rihanna have also joined the “cat-eye fever”.



Acetate-made cat-eyed shaped Moschino sunglasses with a red frame.


On the other hand, cat-eye glasses with a neutral colour, such as black, feature a more chic and mysterious air. Maybe because they remind of the unmistakable frame that Audrey Hepburn wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany's” in the 1960s. There exists no other model of sunglasses that is as glamorous and elegant as the “feline” design is.


Black acetate metallic cat-eye Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.


Coloured lenses

They have been the main street style trend for some months. In fact, coloured lenses are a must-have for celebs this season. Particularly, these “After Midnight” glasses by Oliver Peoples are a reinvention of the round glasses that John Lennon made his own. Pink-coloured and inspired in the hippie trends from the 60s, these sunglasses are the perfect accessory to bring brightness and colour to your spring outfit.

Round-shaped titanium-made “After Midnight” sunglasses by Oliver Peoples with pink lenses.


Another street style model that celebs have been using for months is lenses with warm hues, such as red, yellow or orange-like colours. With a retro style from the 90s, these Versace are perfect for a special and extremely bold touch.


Violet metallic cat-eye shaped Versace sunglasses.


Rock Aviator

These Aviator sunglasses by Versace are just lovely. Look at the mix between vintage and pure rock styles! Both acetate-made and metallic. The golden touches on black grant that bit of vigour and sophistication that clashes against the traditional angry and grunge style of the aviator-style glasses. Do you rock?

Black-coloured aviator-shaped Versace and Versace Rock Icons sunglasses.


Futuristic glasses

And if you are far away from the retro style and you are looking forward to what will be coming in 2025, these Saint Laurent and Moschino sunglasses are your choice. They seem to have been taken from a science fiction film or brought back from the future. Although they might seem difficult to match, if you are fearless when it comes to mixing styles, you can wear them with confidence. You will surely carry the day!

Top side, black rectangular-shaped “Betty” sunglasses by Saint Laurent.

Below, black oversized sunglasses by Moschino.


Gigi Hadid uses many different styles, from the cat-eye models inspired in the 50s and 60s to other more modern and futuristic models. However, there is not a single doubt that retro style is her favourite.

At Eyewear Concept, you can find every model within this selection. If you are just shocked by any of them, do not wait for longer. You even have 24h-delivery shipments!