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5 sunglasses styles for summer weddings

5 sunglasses styles for summer weddings

A wedding invitation is the perfect excuse to splash out on a new outfit, but when it comes to finding the perfect look, it is always harder than expected.

There are so many details to keep in mind... Should I wear a dress or overalls? A tie or a bow tie? Light-coloured clothes or bright and vivid hues?

Furthermore, in the last few years, outdoor weddings have become quite usual: summer, nice weather, beach, garden, sunshine… Therefore, if you don’t want to miss a thing at your best friend’s wedding, don’t forget to take your sunglasses!

The most it-style sunglasses to complement your outfit

At Eyewear Concept, we have concocted a guide to help you choose the best-fitting sunglasses for your styling. Pay attention!


If your wardrobe is the paradise of monochromatic colours and you don’t feel like changing it, don’t worry! Despite the fact that wearing black or white at a wedding is frowned upon, when these two colours are used together, they create a very smart styling. For example, a white suit –trousers and blazer– with a black slip top. Just an amazing look!

If this is your choice, we suggest:

Black oversized acetate-made sunglasses by Fendi.

Black panthos-shaped acetate-made sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana.

Casual trendy

If you get the chills from just the simple thought of wearing an evening dress, don’t be afraid to innovate and choose a skirt or even overalls. Match your look to printed stilettos, or flat shoes if you want a comfy touch.

We suggest:

Pink cat-eye-shaped metal-made sunglasses by Fendi.

Golden-coloured rectangular-shaped metal-made Vogue sunglasses by Gigi Hadid.

Colour and brightness

If you are brave enough, go for an eye-catching outfit (as long as you don’t steal the attention from the bride). From Eyewear Concept, our advice is to go for accessories with bright colours, prints or a mix of very different materials so you can be well told apart among the crowd. It’s summer and there’s no better time to go a little #ott!

Burgundy oversized LOULOU sunglasses by Saint Laurent LOULOU.

White rounded metal-made sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana.

Pink and golden acetate/metal sunglasses by Gucci.

Flowers for the summer

It’s easy to get away from flower prints at this time of the season, but don’t take it too seriously! Put them together with simple accessories to create a clean and impeccable look.

We suggest:

Golden rounded metal-made sunglasses by Linda Farrow.

Silver-coloured metal-made sunglasses by Prada.

Stylish and “simple”

Minimal is trendy. Despite what you might think at first, subtlety is more difficult to achieve than it looks. It is all about basing your styling on unique accessories without many ornaments.  

Some of our choices:

Transparent blue squared acetate-made sunglasses by Gucci.

Yellow cat-eye-shaped MYKITA BEVERLY sunglasses made of light steel.

Do you already know which sunglasses to wear for the next outdoor wedding? Get them, now!