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Top 10 sunglasses that have taken over Instagram this Summer

Top 10 sunglasses that have taken over Instagram this Summer

Every year, sunglasses trends become more and more extravagant. Some people would even say that it’s difficult to know if they really are an accessory or if their use is even practical. But that's where the fun begins.

This summer we have witnessed and also participated in the popularity of micro sunglasses, extra thin lenses and futuristic designs. Thanks to the Fashion Week events, the Coachella festival and all the influencers’ Instagram feeds, these have been the main trends of Summer 2018. Do you know them all?

10 sunglasses fighting for the first place in this summer's ranking

If you are looking to expand your sunglasses collection, make sure your shopping radar doesn’t overlook the following designs. Let’s start!

Delve into the micro-sunglasses universe

The "Matrix style" is fashionable in any of its variations: extreme cat eye, narrow and rectangular frames, metallic colors, plastic materials, transparencies... The futuristic glasses, much loved by the Hadid sisters, give off style and originality . Do you dare to wear them?

Etnia Barcelona Carytown sunglasses in black.

Vogue by Gigi Hadid cat-eye sunglasses in white and gold.

Prada cat-eye sunglasses in black and yellow.

Prada PR 64US cat-eye sunglasses in black.

Sporty style with cycling sunglasses

Another popular trend - that is equally loved and hated - on Instagram is the cycling sunglasses. Despite the controversy around this new trend, the truth is that it doesn’t surprise us much. Sportswear has been present on most instagrammers’ street looks for months and it was only a matter of time before the glasses with huge mirrored lenses or fluor colors would jump on the scene.

If you want to know more about this new trend, which promises to give a lot of talk during the upcoming seasons, read this article

Gucci aviator sunglasses in havana colour.

Oakley Radar ev path sunglasses in polished white.

Stella McCartney square-shaped sunglasses in havana colour.  

Shine bright like glitter

We have seen it in all the parties and events this summer: the glitter trend has triumphed! Glitter, sparkles, pearls, diamonds ... don’t be afraid to overuse it, it's never too much when we talk about sparkling!

Saint Laurent GRACE cat-eye sunglasses in black.

Gucci geometric-shaped sunglasses in gold and havana colour.

Gucci cat-eye sunglasses in black.

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