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Sunglasses and tendencies for this Fall/Winter: discover the trends

Sunglasses and tendencies for this Fall/Winter: discover the trends

Fall is coming and, with it, a season teeming with changes. Trees change their coat and we, much to our great regret, are forced to change our summer clothes and bring the winter clothes to our wardrobes. Besides, we always fall for new collection items. Indeed, it is impossible not to with these Fall/Winter trends and collections.

As in any look, we need to take care of every detail in order to have a successful fashion design. Furthermore, accessories are often the ones that turn a neutral outfit into an irresistible one. In that sense, as it occurs with jewels and handbags, sunglasses play a very important role. For some years, the fashion sector has put its focus on them and has offered avant-garde tendencies in terms of eyewear.

The 60s, champion of the Fall/Winter tendencies

As every year, the main brands are bringing their surprising items for this 2017 Fall/Winter season. We did not expect less. This year, designs and tendencies are based on geometric sunglasses, warm colours and retro-style metallic textures that bring back the 60s. Those are models only suitable for the boldest.

Chloé sunglasses follow those trends. In fact, the brand is bringing the best features of a ground-breaking decade that not only meant the break with a conservative society but also meant a cultural revolution in which fashion changed radically. At that moment, the ‘maxi’ accessories were introduced. They are still seen at catwalks and in the street style tendencies nowadays: enormous handbags and hats as well as glasses that cover one's face almost in full.


 On the other hand, the Dolce & Gabbana glasses for woman come with printed frame designs –a brand's classic– and black lace. As usual, the Italian brand takes some risks with the animal print sunglasses, which are full of personality for this season. They will play a very important role in terms of establishing the Fall/Winter tendencies worldwide.

For its children's collection, the brand has chosen cat-eye glasses with animal print as it can be seen in the following picture:

For men, Dolce & Gabanna's tendencies for this Fall/Winter are based on aviator sunglasses.

We continue analysing the proposals of the big brands for this season. After all, and unintentionally, they end up setting the trends year after year. It is impossible not to fall for their models and designs. In that sense, Dior follows a trend in oversized sunglasses for this fall. It is based on models with coloured and transparent acetates that take us back to the 60s, just as Chloé's collection does.

Moreover, for next winter, they have decided to use metal in their Lady Dior Studs model with cannage-shaped studs emulating the typical 18th-century British chairs made of wicker. The French designer was a fan of them. In fact, he used them as reserved seats for VIP people in some of his high fashion presentations.

Dior takes some risks and hits the target once more with the eyewear collection: mirror lenses, inlaid crystals and velvets matching its new handbag collection. Flashy styles that will not fail to move us.

This fall is the time to take the right decision by taking some risks

The wide variety of models will be trends for the Fall/Winter season, so it will be impossible to say no to sunglasses. All in all, the colouring and extravagance triumph over the rest and, indeed, the big brands are to blame. XXL, animal print, geometric motifs… Will you be able to resist a great deal of originality as this one with its fall outfits? Take a look to our last novelties.