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Seven makeup tips when wearing glasses

Seven makeup tips when wearing glasses

Red marks on the nose, dents between the eyes, little mascara splodges on the lenses, a feeling of exaggeratedly enlarged eye makeup, marked bags... Do all these problems sound familiar? If so, we want you to know that you are not alone!

All these discomforts are common in people who wear glasses and makeup, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The Eyewear Concept team has got on with it and is now bringing you a range of tips to start using both your favourite frames and cosmetic products without fear. Here we go!


1. Power up your eyes with eyeliner

 Try to choose a colour that is at least a shadow or two lighter than the frame of your glasses so that the eyeliner does not get lost in the frame.

Pink oversized acetate-made frame by Gucci, 

Another tip is to adjust the thickness of the eyeliner: if your frame is thick, you should draw a thicker line so that it highlights your eyes. If, on the contrary, you wear thin frames, a smooth line would fit perfectly. It is important to make sure there is a balance between your eyes and your glasses.


2. Light eye shadows will prevent your eyes from looking heavy

Light and neutral shadows are perfect for lighting up your look. You can also try a bright shadow. It is super flattering! Apply it all over the eyelid and mix it with the fold of the eye so that it does not give a very heavy feeling through the glasses.

If you want to play with more vivid colours, shadows in lavender, blue or green can look great and add a nice contrast to your frames. Makeup is also made for having fun!


MYKITA BAMBI golden titanium frames.


But be careful: the colour of your eye shadow should never compete with the colour of your glasses. If you want to wear your frames' colour in your eye shadow, try a lighter foundation tone.

And what about thin or transparent frames?

 In this case, eye makeup is more than allowed. Yes, you can play with dark and glossy shadows, and you can even try a smoky eye. Clear path, my friend!

Round-shaped transparent Epos CASTORE frames.


3. Curl your eyelashes and give them volume

To make your eyes look larger and wider, just use an eyelash curler. It will also prevent your eyelashes from rubbing the glasses when blinking.

Black square-shaped FOCAGNANO frames by Roberto Cavalli.

You can stop at the curler or you can go further and apply mascara from the roots to the tips. In the second layer, just focus on the roots in order to prevent the tips from weighing too much and ending up on the glasses.


4. Make the most out of your eyebrows

Glasses highlight the whole eyes' area, including the eyebrows. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your eyebrows styled and to fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil or with eye shadow powder. Finally, brush them to obtain a more natural result. If you are looking for perfection, try an eyebrow fixing mascara to keep each hair at bay.

However, if you are not willing to worry about your eyebrows, choose glasses that cover the whole or most of the eyebrows. It's up to you!

Dolce & Gabbana frames.


5. Use concealer to prevent your eyes from looking sunken

We love glasses because they highlight the eyes, but this also means that they can highlight bags!

Golden-coloured oval-shaped dark-Havana frames by Tom Ford.

A concealer with light yellow shadows can be helpful for hiding those imperfections. Apply it under the eye, to the line of the eyelashes and on the inner corner of the eye for a fresher look. Spread the product with little taps and avoid rubbing or dragging your finger over that area.


6. Don't be afraid of wearing foundation

Since glasses are in direct contact with the skin, they might ruin your makeup foundation or leave marks on your face. To avoid these inconveniences, a good trick is to remove the excess makeup in the area of the bridge of your nose with a wet sponge and use compact powders to keep everything in place.

This tip is also useful to prevent your glasses from sliding on the bridge of your nose.


Black-coloured geometric-shaped wooden-made CACAO frames by Epos.

7. Colour your lips

Balance is the key here. For example, use fuchsia matte lipstick in summertime to draw attention to your lips and let your glasses highlight your eyes.

A good lipstick can be the key to your look with glasses: discreet eye makeup (curler and mascara) + red lips. Full impact!

Golden-coloured geometric-shaped DIOR STELLAIRE 4 frames.


After these basic makeup tips when wearing glasses, start experimenting with your own style! If you want to renew your glasses or find the ones that better fit your makeup, at Eyewear Concept you have a lot of models manufactured by the best brands.