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Retro style and extravagance for the new collection of Gucci sunglasses

Retro style and extravagance for the new collection of Gucci sunglasses

The eccentricity that characterises Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele, is now more noticeable than ever for this 2018 Spring/Summer collection. The result is a range of sunglasses that goes from the historicist to the psychedelic, the nerdy and the cool, the old and the futuristic.

The Italian designer carries us to the extravagant 1980s with a collection made up by extra oversized glasses with brilliance and stripes. And, of course, none of them go separately. Once again, the most original mix and match comes by the hand of Gucci.

Four Gucci choices for this season's sunglasses

At Eyewear Concept, we have made a selection of models by the Italian firm for this Spring/Summer. If you are looking for a pair of glasses with personality, Gucci's shapes and glitters will fascinate you indeed. Let's start!


These square-shaped sunglasses with emerald green glitter are the reification of the timeless elegance. Their Sylvie-patterned golden metal sidepieces and their brown lenses play with the past-future mix. Although glitters can suggest the opposite, this model has plenty of charisma for your daily looks: basic T-shirt, straight navy jeans and white sneakers. We love it!


Square-shaped sunglasses with glitter by Gucci.


Fuchsia All-in

With these sunglasses, Gucci is supporting one of the strongest tendencies (link: for this season: coloured transparent lenses. But it does not stop there, the Italian firm increases that must to the greatest exponent by mounting an acetate transparent frame. This grants an air of lightness and freshness that will suit your summer outfits just perfectly. Don't you think it smells like good weather?


Round-shaped oversized sunglasses by Gucci.


Reinvented classics

With this design, Gucci reinterprets the classic rectangular shape with extremely clean and angular lines. The Sylvie pattern on the frames and the green, red and black-stripped print on the front turn this model into the true brand's flagship. Boost your summer with colour by picking these glasses!



Rectangular-shaped sunglasses with tri-strip print by Gucci.


The most futuristic Aviator

Aviator-style sunglasses might be one of the models with a greater number of versions in the market. In fact, these Gucci are inspired by the 80s' Aviator and are perfect for getting away from the most typical designs: fluoride colours and materials that evoke lightness. A must for this season!



Fluoride-coloured Aviator-style sunglasses by Gucci.


Elton John chooses Gucci for his final tour

During the presentation parade of this new collection, we could see a clear inspiration in the legend, Elton John. The over-elaborate looks of the singer have gone down to history for their high level of glamour and they are now reinvented under the direction of Michele.

Actually, during this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, Elton John announced his final tour clad in a jacket covered with crystals and the words “Gucci loves Elton” embroidered on the back. The singer confirmed his collaboration with Alessandro Michele, who will be in charge of making the last performances of the pianist brighter with Gucci's gleam.

Elton John in the 2018 Grammy Awards.

If you have fallen in love with the new Gucci's collection (something that is completely understandable), at Eyewear Concept, you will be able to find all of these models and many more.