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S.O.S.: why it is so important to protect your eyes from the Sun

S.O.S.: why it is so important to protect your eyes from the Sun

Did you know that it is as important to protect your eyes from the sunrays as it is to protect your skin? Eyecare is essential since intense ultraviolet rays (UV) damage the sensitive cells in your eyes and can sometimes affect vision. Ophthalmologists say that an incorrect and prolonged sun exposure increases the risk to suffer eye problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration or skin cancer surrounding the eyelids.

In spite of the fact that it is not common to feel an immediate deterioration, the sun can cause irreversible damage in the long run to eye structures and tissues that are not sufficiently protected or not protected at all.


Am I at risk to suffer sun-related eye damage?

Old people or light-eyed people must be more careful with their sun exposure. However, even though you are not one with those features, be aware that every time you go out you are exposing your sight to UV radiations. Besides, if you practice sport or go to the beach, you must use sunglasses with specific lenses so as to block more light.

In sum, we all are at risk to suffer eye damage due to the sun. That is why it is very important to use the proper high-quality glasses.


Persol sunglasses with polarised lenses and maximum UV protection.


How do I know which glasses will help me protect my eyes from the sun?

You must know that the type of sunglasses you wear has an impact on your eye health. For that reason, at Eyewear Concept we want to give you a few tips for you to choose your sunglasses:

  • Make sure that your glasses block from 99 to 100% of the UVA and UVB radiation. It is essential to find a pair of sunglasses designed to block all ultraviolet light.

Etnia Barcelona Montenapoleone sunglasses with polarised lenses and maximum UV protection.

  • Think about the possibility to use polarised lenses (glass that reduces blinding by filtering the sunrays that bounce against reflective surfaces) or those that are adequate to the activity you perform.

EVZERO PATH sunglasses by Oakley with Prizm lenses and full UV protection.

Remember that polarisation and UV protection are not the same, so it is recommendable to verify UV classification before buying a pair of glasses.

  • For the maximum protection, choose big or wrapping glasses that fit your face's shape. Besides, bigger glasses cover a wider area of your skin, thus decreasing the possibility of UV penetration.

Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses with polarised lenses and maximum UV protection.

Ready to find your perfect sunglasses? At Eyewear Concept you can find thousands of high-quality models by the best brands: Gucci, Dior, DG, Chloé, Carrera, Ray-Ban, Versace… Investing your money in good glasses is investing in health.