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Who is Miuccia Prada? The famous rebel fashion designer

Who is Miuccia Prada? The famous rebel fashion designer

Miuccia Prada, Prada’s co-chief executive officer, is one of the most revolutionary women in the fashion industry. She is responsible for having taken the brand to the top of what originally was a leather goods store founded by his grandfather, Mario Prada, in 1913 in Milan. The brand was famous for its suitcases, purses and trunks, which were very popular among the Italian Royal Family.

Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli.

Before she started to run the family-owned business in the mid-1970s, Miuccia graduated in Political Science from the University of Milan and was a member of the Italian Communist Party. “Being a feminist in the 1970s, you can imagine how inappropriate it was to talk about fashion, but I liked it so much that I did it,” said the designer in an interview for Vogue.

Miuccia knew how to shape her collections so that they served as a weapon in the struggle for her ideology. Her first radical decision came in 1984, when she launched the iconic nylon backpack. At that time, Prada was against everything that was considered luxurious, breaking with the classic and conservative style.

Prada’s nylon backpack (1989).

Miuccia has a habit of turning good taste clichés into something strange. Despite her peculiarity, there is a provocative assertiveness in her designs: a woman who wears Prada cannot go unnoticed.

FW 18/19 Collection.

The designer believes that her collections are timeless, that they never look old fashioned because they don’t follow trends. Prada’s garments and accessories reflect people’s personalities and ideas. They are a concept more than a trend.  

Prada sunglasses: 3 iconic styles

Glasses inspired by artistic trends

The different designs of the bridges and the ornamentation of Prada sunglasses prove the innovative and revolutionary character of the brand. Each design has soft brushstrokes that reminisce the Art Nouveau aesthetics. If you think glasses really reveal your personality, you will love these designs!

Prada geometric sunglasses in black.

Prada round sunglasses in black.

Prada round sunglasses in havana colour.

Prada round sunglasses in black.

Redefinition of classical shapes

Prada alters the traditional square design of the lenses to create sunglasses that really are unique. Prints, transparent lenses, tinted sunglasses, metal, acetate… the combination is spectacular!

Prada geometric sunglasses in brown.  

Prada square/rectangular sunglasses in silver.

Prada also stands out for its exclusive prints and unique color combinations.

Prada round sunglasses in pink havana.

Prada geometric sunglasses in ivory.

Prada rectangular sunglasses in havana.

The design of these sunglasses goes far beyond a complex color palette. If you look carefully at the print of the previous sunglasses, you will see a range of unique shapes and styles.

Bold and colourful designs

Prada was one of the first brands to launch the super famous “Matrix sunglasses” but not without printing its identity stamp through the shape, materials and the metal double bridge, so characteristic of the brand.  

Prada cat-eye sunglasses in black and yellow.

Prada cat-eye sunglasses in silver.

We hope that this post has helped you discover lots of things about the great woman behind all Prada’s wonderful designs. If you would like to stay up to date with the latest trends from the best fashion brands, don’t miss our blog!