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Ideas for Father's Day presents: designer sunglasses

Ideas for Father's Day presents: designer sunglasses

He has more ties than times to use them, an endless supply of mugs with "the best dad in the world" inscription and he insists that he does not need anything. Finding the perfect present for a father is difficult, especially when nothing seems good enough.

Firstly, it must be a useful present. You won't want your present to be left to dust around the house, will you? Secondly, the ideal thing would be to find something that suits his style. And last but not least: you have to find a present that proves you know his tastes and interests!


Five sunglasses for Father's Day

You must be wondering what you can possibly give him as a present. Well, my dear friend, the answer is sunglasses! A new pair of designer sunglasses is the perfect present. They bring style and can be used daily, even for practising sports or particular hobbies. From fashion daddies to sporty daddies. We have a pair of sunglasses for every interest and personality!


Cyclist and runner daddies

Prizm technology by Oakley has revolutionised the world of lenses since it maximises contrast and improves visibility. Specifically, the Oakley Sport Performance glasses have a specific lens for road sports. They improve your vision in bright-light situations or in the shadow. If your father loves cycling or if he loves running on the road, he will love these glasses!


Aero grid grey coloured Oakley Jawbreaker sport glasses with Prizm Ruby lenses.


But if your father prefers surf, golf or fishing, do not miss the opportunity to have a look at all our recommendations in terms of sports glasses for each sport specifically. It is very important to protect your eyes with high-quality glasses when practising sport.


Daddy "the boss"

If your father is a serious and formal man, these Gucci with black and golden frames will be the perfect present. Besides, grey-hued lenses and Sylvie print on the temples grant an air of sophistication that will leave your dad wordless. Is there any other model that is as classic and trendy as this one? We don't think so!

Black and gold squared Gucci sunglasses.


Funny fathers

Is your father one of those who do not mind what others think? Does he like shocking the family with funny trips and practical jokes? No doubt, your dad is a man who enjoys having fun. Do not buy him the typical shirt, please. However, a pair of retro-futuristic Carrera glasses is just the right choice for the man that would prefer a crazy plan to just being one more in the middle of the crowd.

The elements that make a difference in the case of this incredibly high-quality design are the double bridge –one made of maroon-coloured metal and the other one made of blue-green acetate– and the white and maroon double-sided temples. Simply spectacular!

Blue and white round-shaped Carrera sunglasses.


Vintage fathers

The Beatles are his reference band, A Clockwork Orange and The Godfather his favourite films and he is an enthusiast of the books by Charles Bukowski, Hunter Thompson and Stephen King. Have we hit the target with your father's description? Then we have the perfect sunglasses for your vintage dad!

The iconic Persol brand has released a new collection of sunglasses. With it, the brand wants to pay tribute to typewriters by means of lenses inspired by the wide array of moving parts that could be found inside each device.

Every frame is handcrafted: temples with fanned-out engravings imitating a typewriter's mechanism; the inner part customised with the renowned American Typewriter font and the bridge finished with sophisticated engravings displaying metallic adornments imitating a typewriter's keys.


Havana-coloured acetate panthos-shaped Persol sunglasses. 


These Tom Ford are another option. An elegant model that never goes out of fashion.

Matte black square-shaped Tom Ford sunglasses.


We hope that you have been able to find the perfect present for your dad after this selection. But if you want to keep having a look at more models, at Eyewear Concept we have thousands of sunglasses possibilities manufactured by the best brands, among which your right choice surely is.