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Gianni Versace, the designer of seduction

Gianni Versace, the designer of seduction

Gianni Versace launched The Gianni Versace Company in 1978 in Milan (Italy). His keen eye for art and fashion made the brand one of the favourites for the elites of the moment.  

The designer chose Medusa’s head as the logo of the company because, according to the Greek mythology, Medusa was a being that made people fall crazily in love with her and Gianni expected his designs to have the same effect on his customers.

Current VERSACE’s logo.

Versace: a brand committed to technological and social advances

The Italian designer always stood out for his creativity and his commitment to innovation. Gianni dared experiment with different fabrics like orotone, a light net made of brass and aluminium that was first included in the male collection and later incorporated to the female collection. He also used cutting-edge techniques –like the laser technology– to merge leather and rubber.  

But Versace could not but hit the headlines. One of the most recalled moments took place in 1994, when during the première of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, actress Elizabeth Hurley became the centre of attention. Why? Because of her black and tight dress clamped in the sides with XL golden pins. That was a Gianni Versace’s design and that night went down in fashion history.

Elizabeth Hurley at the premier of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’.

Gianni is also known for being the designer of “rock ‘n’ roll” because of all the celebrities he dressed: Michael Jackson, Cher, Madonna, Sting… He also designed the cover of one of Elton John’s albums, as well as the clothes and the scenography of his tour.

Cover of ‘The One’ by Elton John, designed by Versace.

Donatella Versace, the secret of success after Gianni’s passing

The 15th of July 1997, a serial killer shot and killed Gianni at the steps of his mansion in Miami. It was his fifth murder and Gianni was his last victim, as he killed himself eight days later.

After his tragic death, his younger sister Donatella took over the position of Versace’s creative director. Instead of falling apart, the resilience of the brand was admirable and Donatella showed that the brand was as creative and innovative as always.  

Donatella Versace at Milan Men’s Fashion Week F17.

This year, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Gianni’s death, Donatella took advantage of the Milan Fashion Week Show to pay tribute to her brother: she brought back to life some of his legendary collections, like Warhol or Vogue.

Versace’s show at the Milan Fashion Week.

The sunglasses collection shows the genuine Versace-like sexy and bold creativity. Every pair of glasses is luxurious, provocative and unique.

Versace Tribute sunglasses honouring Gianni Versace. 

Fashion and art meet at every design of Versace’s sunglasses. The Italian brand has become the royalty of modern fashion with designs as the ones below:

Black & gold aviator acetate/metal ROCK ICONS sunglasses by Versace. 

Violet cat-eye metal-made sunglasses by Versace.

Golden round/oval-shaped metal-made sunglasses by Versace.

Golden-coloured metal-made sunglasses by Versace.

At Eyewear Concept, you can keep track of all the brand’s novelties, which still amazes, inspires and keeps us eager to discover its next collection. But that’s not all, until the 31st of August you can enjoy a 20% discount in all of the Versace sunglasses!