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Fendi, the essence of contemporary women

It was the year 1925 when the marriage formed by Adele and Edoardo created what later became one of the biggest fashion italian brands: Fendi. Its popularity grew steadily and, little by little, the five Fendi’s daughters joined the family business. From this small business raised an empire of elegance and innovation, standing out thanks to its personal style.

The influence of these five young women is plain to the eye in every design: Fendi is the essence of sophisticated contemporary women.

The five Fendi sisters: Alda, Anna, Carla, Franca and Paola.

In 1965, an event that changed the destiny of the brand took place: the incorporation of the German designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Until now, this has been the longest collaboration within the fashion world between a designer and a Maison.

The excellent reputation of the brand has endured the passing of time and has gone even beyond the Earth’s limits. In October 2007, Fendi organised a fashion show in the Great Wall of China, making this incredible event the first show visible from the Moon.

Fendi’s fashion show in the Great Wall.

Fendi’s fashion show in the Great Wall.

Among their faithful followers, there are celebrities and people from the fashion world’s elite. In fact, Kanye West shaved the back of his head with the shape of Fendi’s iconic logo. And the truth is, it is not hard to understand what is so special about Fendi: its designs are absolutely unique and exclusive.

Kanye West showing his hair cut in honour of the Fendi brand.

When it comes to sunglasses, Fendi usually goes for bold geometrical shapes. The Maison prefers materials like metal and natural gems, such as malachite green, black onyx or red coral.

Dark-ruthenium-coloured round-shaped metal-made sunglasses by Fendi.

They also feature classical shapes such as the cat eye. With a retro look from the 60s, this design updates it in a subtle and smart way.

Transparent cat-eye-shaped metal-made sunglasses by Fendi.

Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of this Maison from Rome that moves away from geometrical uniformity and moves towards something more sophisticated and contemporary: difficult contours and a contrast between materials and colours. The outcome is designs with unique and special shapes.

Ruthenium-coloured geom-shaped metal-made sunglasses by Fendi.

Green square-shaped metal-made sunglasses by Fendi.

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