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Do you have a heart-shaped face? Here are the best fitting glasses for you

Do you have a heart-shaped face? Here are the best fitting glasses for you

Knowing the shape of your face is a big advantage when choosing glasses. During the last few weeks, in Eyewear Concept we have selected the best glasses for round-shaped faces this season in order to help you choosing the best fitting designs for your features (without forgetting the last trends, obviously). 

On this post, we are going to analyse the best fitting glasses for inverted triangle and heart-shaped faces and we will also propose some ideas inspired in the new top brands collections.


Five glasses for heart-shaped faces this season

How can you know if you have this kind of face? It is easy. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. The hallmark of a heart-shaped face is a broad forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow, sometimes sharp jaw.

This structure is more common in women than in men. Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna and Lisa Kudrow are some of the celebrities with a heart-shaped face.

If you feel identified with this description, we suggest you to choose glasses with round and rectangular frames. Avoid heavy, big, profusely decorated frames, especially those with many elements on the top. The goal is to minimise the width of your face’s topside and give your chin a wider look.


(Almost) transparent frames

Good news: you are perfect for wearing transparent frames! Such designs add the perfect smoothing effect for heart-shaped faces.

This kind of glasses is not only subtle and elegant, but also one of the latest super trends on Instagram. At Eyewear Concept, we propose this Beatrix glasses by Tom Ford, a champagne bright colour, almost transparent, with the logo in rose gold and brown lenses. You will love them!

Beatrix sunglasses by Tom Ford with transparent frame in champagne colour.


Oval-shaped models

Oval glasses fit heart-shaped faces perfectly: they help softening and balancing face angles. Given that these lenses are not as high as the round ones, there is no risk of exaggerating the cheekbones.  

Ray-Ban’s oval sunglasses bring together vintage shapes and their last brand’s innovation to come up with the flat oval lenses. It is a design that will not go unnoticed, both for its light gradient blue lenses and for its thin golden frame.

Oval golden metal sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

Flower prints

Glasses with flower prints draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, so they are a good option for heart-shaped faces.

We propose these fabulous IFARA by Etnia Barcelona in warm and sensual colours that make us dream of the summer arrival. Let the heat come!

Cat-eye IFARA sunglasses with floral print by Etnia Barcelon.


Round glasses

Wireframes and retro shapes get on well together. If you have a heart-shaped face, this trends combination has your name on it! Try these soft golden-coloured Oliver Peoples for a perfect face balance. Furthermore, this frame is very versatile and will add an 80s spirit to your look.


Round metal-made golden-coloured Overstreet frames by Oliver Peoples.


Feline outline

Choose frames wider than your forehead or with final protruding tips, as the Clubmaster or cat-eye-shaped models.

These Dsquared 2 glasses are a good option, as they combine these two trends. Likewise, the round lenses with a thin metal frame contrast with an upper pink outline. Spot-on for heart-shaped faces!

Cat-eye metal-made pink-coloured KHLOÉ sunglasses by Dsquared2.


After this review, it is clear that if you have a heart-shaped face, there is a thousand different styles of sunglasses perfect for you! Choose your favourite one at Eyewear Concept.