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The secret to choosing the best sunglasses for water sports

The secret to choosing the best sunglasses for water sports

Salt water, high reflections and light in constant change are just some of the challenges faced by sports eyewear designers in their attempt to create the perfect sunglasses for people who practice water sports.

If that is your case, in this week's post we explain the essential characteristics of water sports lenses. We have also prepared a list with the best models of sports glasses for surfers, sailors, fishermen and other water sports enthusiasts.

Basic requirements for water sports sunglasses

1. 100% protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Look for the CE and the EN 1836: 1997 labels to make sure you are properly protected.

2. To achieve a glare-free vision, experts recommend a polarization filter and lenses as resistant to breakage as possible. Preferably, the frame must be made of a resistant, lightweight and unbreakable material.

3. Oakley lenses are a great option for almost all types of water sports. This brand is one of the most innovative in the market for sports sunglasses. It is the creator of Prizm technology: lenses adapted to each sporting activity and the environment in which it is usually practiced. Find yours!

Which are the best sunglasses for sailing and surfing?

Sunlight creates dazzling reflections on the surface of the water that can affect the vision of surfers and sailors. To avoid this, Oakley has created the Prizm Deep Water polarized glasses that give you a clearer and glare-free vision by filtering the blue tones and reinforcing the green and red tones.

Oakley Silver in polished black.

But in the sea, not only light and water put pressure on our eyes: sharp winds can also cause problems such as inflammation of the conjunctiva or cornea. Never forget your sports sunglasses!

Oakley Radar Ev Path sunglasses in matte black.

For extreme sports that require sunglasses with a more powerful grip, the rubber pads for the nose and the tips of the sideburns can be very useful complements.

Oakley Crossrange xl sunglasses in smokey grey.

Sunglasses for fishing

The glare coming off the water is the first challenge most fishers must face. Wearing the right sunglasses is as important as having the right rod, reels or hook.

Oakley Turbine in polished black.

One of the best-fitting lenses for this sport are the Oakley Prizm Shallow Water as they feature a polarized filter that eliminates the reflection of light on water. But that is not all, they also increase the green and copper tones and help define the shadows coming off the fish.

Oakley Radar Ev Path sunglasses in polished black.

In the water, there are always obstacles that can ruin your day. If you are a fisherman, having a clear vision to see and avoid floating debris, such as trunks, can save you plenty of time and money in repairs.

Oakley Flak 2.0 xl de plastic in matte rootbeer. 

Whichever sport you practice, Oakley has the perfect sunglasses to protect your eyes and improve your performance. ¡Take a look at all the styles available on our website!