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Best cycling sunglasses buyer’s guide

Best cycling sunglasses buyer’s guide

One of the most popular cycling races in the world kicks off: la Vuelta. The 73rd edition starts on August 25th but we will have to wait until September 16th to find out which cyclists will step up to the podium.

Last year’s race was the most watched since 2011, which proves that cycling is constantly growing in popularity. Perhaps you watched the race too, but have you ever noticed the sunglasses used by the cyclists? Most elite athletes rely on the brand Oakley to guarantee their visual health. This is the case of Caroline Buchanan (winner of nine medals at the BMX World Cycling Championship), Mark Cavendish (British athlete who competes professionally in road cycling) or Julien Absalon (French cross-country mountain biker).

Julien Absalon chooses Oakley for cross - country competitions.

How to choose the right cycling sunglasses

Whether you are are an amateur cyclist or compete in professional races, it is essential that you choose cycling sunglasses that guarantee your visual health. But how to choose the right lenses from the wide range available in the market? These are the features that you must consider when buying cycling sunglasses.


Oakley lenses stand out for its revolutionary Prizm technologyThey help improve visibility and offer an ultra-precise colour tuning for any environment. They are suitable for mountain, road, water or open field environments and reveal details which are normally imperceptible to the human eye.

The Jawbreaker model is one of our favourites. Its design is inspired by the different stages that are part of this year’s Tour of France.

Oakley Jawbreaker Tour of France 2018 edition.

Interchangeable temples

Most Oakley models feature interchangeable temples to suit different needs and achieve the maximum performance. This is the case of the Crossrange model, which comes in two different versions: a refined and simple day-to-day design and and a sporty look that ensures a secure fit to keep the saddle in place during cycling and other outdoor activities.  

Oakley Crossrange sunglasses.


The weight of the sunglasses is important too. You must choose a model which perfectly fits the shape of your face and is also lightweight. All Oakley frames are both lightweight and resistant in order to guarantee the maximum comfort all day long. We recommend you the Evzero Path as they are the lightest from the whole collection. They are perfect for training and high speed races and have a frameless lense at the front that provides an incomparable vision.

Oakley Evzero Path sunglasses.


They must be impact resistant to avoid chipping, as this could cause a significant damage in your vision. We suggest the Ev Radar Path, whose design is also inspired by this year’s Tour of France. This model provides maximum comfort and protection thanks to its frame featuring Unobtanium components. In addition, they have nose pads to prevent the glasses from moving, guaranteeing grip despite sweating.  

Oakley Radar Ev Path.

Field of vision

The elements of the glasses should not interfere with the field of vision. All Oakley sunglasses have been designed to fulfill this purpose. From all models available, we choose the Flight Jacket. Its open edge maximizes the superior visual field and its Advancer nose bridge opens the airflow instantaneously against fogging and overheating. It also includes interchangeable temples of two different lengths which are compatible with the helmet.

Oakley Flight Jacket.

If you are looking for good quality cycling sunglasses, you will find the best frames within our Oakley section. Which style is your favourite?