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There are hundreds of millions of people in the world but we are all different from each other. For that reason, Eyewear Concept, in partnership with Oakley, want to give you the chance to design your very own pair of sunglasses that best suit your needs. Just for you or to share with whoever you want! .

Besides, you get 20% off when you shop online! Use the promotional code "EYE4YOU20" to take advantage of this exclusive offer at EYEWEAR CONCEPT. And if you would like to get your customized Oakley sunglasses, simply follow the steps below. As simple as that! .

  1. Choose your favourite type of sunglasses: sports, daily or for children.
  2. Select the color of the frame, the lenses and the temples. You can change every little detail thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes available. Feel free to try out some or all possible combinations! With our simulator, you can see what your design looks like every moment.
  3. Besides, you can also get your sunglasses engraved to make them even more special!
  4. There you go! Now you just have to wait for approximately 7 days to receive your fully customized Oakley sunglasses.

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